The Book Thief

In the wake of a terrible familial tragedy, the hopeless eleven-year-old girl, Liesel Meminger, is taken in by the compassionate working-class painter, Hans Hubermann, and his stern but well-meaning wife, Rosa, in 1938 Germany. Bullied for being illiterate, young Liesel is encouraged to learn how to read and write by her foster father during perilous times, as the Nazi’s grip on Germany progressively tightens, and public ceremonial book burnings have already begun. But soon, things will take a turn for the unexpected, when the German couple offers shelter to Max Vandenburg, a mysterious Jewish man on the verge of death, from whom the voracious reader, Liesel, will learn the essence and the interminable power of words. Will Liesel’s passion for words and her irrepressible imagination paint a mystical escape from Adolf Hitler’s tyranny?

Hot°House Historical Music Consultant

Production Company Universal Pictures

Director Brian Percival

Release Date 2013

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