Sing Steet

Receiving its premiere at Sundance, followed by a Golden Globe nomination for Best Film, Sing Street is the kind of breakout hit that will please any fan of classic pop and teen romance with a generous helping of dry humour and based on a true story.

Set in Dublin in 1985, Conor, a sensitive teenager, struggles to cope with tensions at home. With the recession hitting people hard in Dublin, he is moved from his private school to a tough inner-city alternative. After an uneasy start at school, Conor befriends Darren and decides to start his own band once he crosses paths with the dazzling Raphina. Conor asks her to be in his band’s music video (a tribute to Back to the Future) in order to gain her attentions and woo her with his music.

Hot°House Music Supervision (pre-production, production and post production)

Director John Carney

Release Date 2016

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