Hot°House Music thrilled to sponsor the TIGA Games Industry Awards 2021 on 25th November 2021

Hot°House Music is renowned for providing music supervision and score arrangement for some of the world’s most successful, award-winning feature films including The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and Bohemian Rhapsody. The Hot°House Music team are experts in the sourcing, selection and clearance of sound and music for multi-media and come with the understanding of how games publishers can make the most of their investment in soundtracks.

Based at the illustrious Abbey Road Studios, Hot°House Music are independent composer agents to an elite group of international talent. Our composers provide audio sketches at pre-production and supply to-schedule deliverables, directed by the Hot°House team, costed on a per-minute or project-by-project basis.

This year’s ceremony is sure to be an exciting night for the independent games industry, though it also marks a new era for Hot°House Music. With two decades of multi-media music licensing behind her, new managing director Lynden Campbell, has initiated her dream collaboration with TIGA to inspire and support games developers in accessing their optimum soundtrack.

Lynden Campbell, Managing Director says: “I am absolutely delighted to be partnering with TIGA and become a part of the organisation’s esteemed network at a time when Hot°House Music is expanding into areas of immersive sonic project management and education. We hope this collaboration will help futureproof creativity in multi-media. We plan to support ground-breaking composer talent like Chipzel and our network of spatial sound engineers to achieve the 21st Century sonic aspirations of the independent games community”.

As specialists in immersive future tech, HotHouse Music now equip their composer roster with game adjacent technology (Unity, Unreal Engine, Wwise, FMOD) and have recently launched Spatial Sound, an initiative consolidating symposiums, educational hacks and jams. This will ensure that TIGA members get to access a well-supported and unique talent of music supervisors, composers and sound engineers specialising in immersive object-placed sound and ethical music search.

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Lynden Campbell

Lynden Campbell

After two decades in the music industry, Lynden has established herself as a music futurist ready to embrace complex and strategic licensing problems. Continue Reading...