Hot°House Presents Spatial Sound 2021

HotHouse Music launched the first fully immersive, independent conference bringing together the most exciting pioneers in immersive sound technology with producers of immersive spaces, VR, gaming, film, theatre and livestream. 

With an established history of working on complex music projects, Hot°House now launch Spatial Sound 2021. Spatial Sound helps identify the ability to mix music for extra-dimensional listening experiences placing sounds above or below you, behind or in front of you and everywhere in between. This is also referred to as immersive sound.

Launched at the Market Hall, Plymouth, this conference with installations and panels is intended to help lifestyle brands, games developers, motion graphics designers and music producers understand the potential for spatial sound in wellness, architecture, live and binaural work flows.

The physical conference was supported by digital livestream which you can catch up on here. The intention is that where conferences, hacks and jams my be held in person in key locations – the educational content will be shared publicly to democratise understanding of the applications of Spatial Sound and its pioneers.

LOCATION – The Market Hall, Duke St, Devonport, Plymouth PL1 4PS  

EUROPE’S ‘FIRST OF ITS KIND’ 360 DOME – the development of the Market Hall is led by Real Ideas, working with Plymouth City Council and a number of key organisations and institutions in Plymouth. The Market Hall is a world-class space for digital innovation and learning situated in the heart of Devonport, Plymouth, UK. Featuring a state-of-the-art 15m immersive dome, inspiring event spaces as well as a public bar. This offered the perfect location for guests to connect and share their knowledge and experience. Only the dome at the Market Hall offers the possibility to explore immersive realities without the need for a VR headset. Spatial Sound 21 is inspired by the dome’s 19.1 surround speaker set up. A fellowship of women driving this initiative,  HotHouse Music thank tek-choreography pioneer Laura Kriefman of Hellion Trace for inspiring the location.

Those attending the real life conference 7th October 2021 joined the experts at the Market Hall cafe for complimentary vegan refreshments ​supplied by the amazing Hedgerow Hound team. Local engineers and film makers mingled with contributors from London, Leith, Belfast and beyond.

We introduced our strands CINETRONICA (demonstrations) and CROSSFADE (cross-sector symposium).

11.30am CROSSFADE ‘STAR TEKKING’ in the Market Hall conference room and livestream

Meet the makers of spatial sound. How is it created and how can you access it? The fantastic Jason Singh joined us with We Throw Switches to talk about sonic projects and positive wellbeing of locating spatial sound in interesting spaces like the V&A and Kew. Tek chat courtesy of David McEwan from the Sanctuary Studio. Jason gave us an impromptu performance in the wonderful acoustic of the main market hall whilst Chipzel demonstrated a new prototype to get everyone off their sofa and chasing sound.

2.30pm CROSSFADE ‘Insane in the Membrane’ in the Market Hall conference room and livestream

How does Spatial Sound impact on humanity? We look at internal spaces (mental health and imagination) and external spaces (architecture and lifestyle). Dr Julia Jones discusses how music is a super-tool.

WATCH neuroscientist Dr Julia Jones in conversation with Lynden Campbell

Attendees were invited to the dome to experience an experiment in flattening variable heart rate using a VR flower and panning sonic.

3.30pm CROSSFADE ‘Spatial Spaces’ in the Market Hall conference room and livestream

How do different forms of spatial produced music interact in different settings and what is the potential.

WATCH full dome creative Michaela French in conversation with Lynden Campbell

6.00pm CINETRONICA in the dome exclusively for attendees to the Market Hall dome in Plymouth

Exclusive soul performance to a VR moon created by Alex Ruhl.

We were delighted to meet the participants of the Plymouth Red Velvet Cinema community project.
Thanks to @wewearperfume for trend analysis on the future of consumer tek

Thanks to Alessi’s Ark for link up to Alex Ruhl and to the ambisonic wizard, Tom Slater – Call & Response.

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