HotHouse Immersive – Sonic Environments in VR – Alessi Laurent-Marke

As part of the Immersive Sound 2022 programme, HotHouse composer Alessi Laurent-Marke alongside Jason Santos (together Alessi’s Ark) and VR film director Alex Rühl gave us a brief introduction of what it’s like to experience interactive and immersive films in VR. 

Alessi’s Ark discuss what they had in mind when making ‘I need You’, the track used in Rock, Paper, Scissors. The conversation also covers discussion ideas of merging albums and VR , the technical side of VR and advice on where to start with your own projects like this. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Music: ‘I Need you’ by Alessi’s Ark

A massive thanks to Real Ideas Organisation ( at the Market Hall in Plymouth for letting us use the space there to hold the zoom and also to Into Games for helping us spread the event.

Read more about the HotHouse Immersive Sound initiative here.

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