Ethical Music Search at MIL, Lisbon 2021

On 15th September 2021, HotHouse Music joined the independent music conference MIL, Lisbon – hosting a workshop in ethical tagging. By tightening up the reference terms used for music search vague references become more eloquent, results faster and campaigns more effective. Songs become more searchable.

I’m grateful to MIL for giving me the opportunity to carry out my ethical tagging workshop in a real laboratory – just how I like it! Hosted in a superbly inspiring factory location, MIL Lisboa is the perfect location to meet like-minds interested in future-proofing the music business, to discuss new technologies and hear awesome European talent like Faux Real, Dena and Ellynora.” Lynden Campbell (HotHouse Music – Managing Director) 

For the past couple of years Lynden has been developing methodologies for an ethical music tagging and classification which are available as a series of in person workshops run by the HotHouse Music team.


Lynden Campbell

Lynden Campbell

After two decades in the music industry, Lynden has established herself as a music futurist ready to embrace complex and strategic licensing problems. Continue Reading...