Paul Arnold & Andrew Barnabas

Paul Arnold & Andrew Barnabas are an award-winning composing duo crafting music for film, television and interactive entertainment. Their work reflects their own unique creative partnership to develop original, compelling and inspirational music that amplifies storytelling for the media industry. With 25 years of industry expertise, their music for worldwide cinema, television and games has wowed and enthused audiences.

Their reel consists of a variety of credits from TV work with the BBC, ITV, Fox, Sky, Channel 4, Channel 5, CNN, Talkback Thames, Tiger Aspect, and Bloomberg, to Film & Trailer work collaborating with production companies including Lionsgate, Voltage Pictures, Fulwell 73, Parkhouse Pictures and Warner Brothers. They also have clients in interactive entertainment including Sony, Microsoft, Sega, Lego, Bethesda, Guerrilla Games, Frontier, Juiced, EA, Atari, Obsidian and Splash Damage, and advertising work for EE, Audi and McDonald’s.

Paul Arnold is a classically trained musician, gifted at the piano, guitar and trumpet. He has an MSc in music technology and a BA(Hons) in music and computing. His musical influences include 80s glam rock music, film scores and pop music of most sorts past and present.

Andrew Barnabas is also a classically trained musician, with a BA (Hons) in Music. He was taught piano from age 7, oboe from 12 and recently took up drums & percussion, finally finding an outlet after 20 years of air drumming! His musical loves are funk, jazz & film scores, and his influences include James Horner, Stevie Wonder, Vangelis and Earth Wind & Fire.

Awards & Nominations 

  • 2021 – Best Documentary Score at The International Sound and Film Music Festival for Netflix documentary “Hating Peter Tatchell
  • 2018 – Best Entertainment Series at BAFTA Scotland Awards BBC1 “Armchair Detectives”
  • 2014 – Outstanding Score for SciFi Fantasy at LA Web Festfor “Chronicles of Syntax
  • 2013 – Best Action Movie Score at the Action Elite for “Green Street 3
  • 2004 – Best Original Score, Documentary at BAFTA Game Awards for “Primal
  • 2003 – Best Original Score at Zaragoza Film Awards for short film “Palos
  • 2000 – Best Console Game at the BAFTA Game Awards “MediEvil 2


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