Niamh Houston

Niamh Houston, better known as Chipzel, is a musician, composer and producer from Northern Ireland who was nominated for a BAFTA for her music on the game Super Hexagons in the Best British Game Category. Chipzel is best known for making chiptune music, particularly with a Game Boy. Her live performances take original 8bit sound and manipulate it into something frantically hard-hitting with retro-gaming appeal. Niamh has worked on numerous soundtracks of games including Interstellaria (a real time space-exploration sim and crew management game) and Dicey Dungeons (a deck-building game developed by Irish game designer Terry Cavanagh also available on Nintendo Switch). Her music is also featured in other games such as Just Shapes and Beats and Spectra.

Niamh recently appeared on BBC World Service on their show ‘Music Life’, which featured four composers including Chipzel (Niamh Houston), Oliver Deriviere, Lena Rain and Josris de Man answer listeners’ questions about making music for video games. Listen to the show here.


  • 2022 Women in Games Creative Impact
  • 2020 Annual Game Music Awards Best Score for Chiptune / Retro
  • 2013 BAFTA Best British Game Category for Super Hexagons




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