Blank Note Music

David McEwan and James Turner

Residing at The Sanctuary Studio in London production and songwriting duo David McEwan and James Turner, also known as Blank Note Music, have an impressive back catalogue of work and credits spanning from film & TV to platinum records and everything in-between.

Music Producer’s Guild awarding winning producer David McEwan cut his teeth in the industry at MTV studios in Camden and has since continued to forge creative working relationships with artists, orchestras and organisations, encompassing projects with the likes of Sting, Plan B, Natasha Bedingfield, Cirque Du Soleil, Sony and The London Symphony Orchestra. He is well respected for delivering a larger than life sound experience whether in a live setting or recorded format. 

James Turner spent the founding years of his career at The Dairy Studios in Brixton as engineer to renowned composer/producer Nitin Sawhney; working across multiple areas of the industry with a number of respected artists and companies including Joss Stone, Akala, Jeff Beck, Andy Serkis, the BBC, Warner and Universal. Now a producer in his own right, James’s focus is on collaboration: writing with and developing artists, producing records for commercial release and as a versatile mix engineer.

David and James’s mutual love for making music saw them establish a creative partnership focused around head-turning production, idiosyncrasy and captivating sonic experiences. Together they founded Blank Note Music after building a reputation for creating high-grade, bespoke soundtracks for the modern global advertising market, with an aim to offer a new dimension to visual imagery and to bring their client’s concepts to life. Work includes E.On, Quality Street, Eurostar, and ‘Barry the Biscuit Boy’ for Cravendale

Putting their extensive experience to good use, they tailor every piece of music to the specific needs of each project to sympathetically compliment and enhance the cinematography; helping to augment mood and evoke emotion. With a belief that music should be both stimulating and inspiring, their diverse musical backgrounds and eclectic influences allows them to create unique cross-genre compositions with authenticity, conviction and plenty of character.

Areas of Interest and Expertise:

  • Cross-genre composition and production
  • Immersive and binaural audio 
  • Extensive contacts with musicians, arrangers and industry professionals
  • Skilled recording and mix engineers
  • Made-to-measure quirky, unique and stimulating soundtracks  
Blank Note Music


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