Hot°House are agents to an elite group of Film and TV composers and also act as Music Supervisors and Score Coordinators for the world’s most successful feature films. HotºHouse can handle any aspect of your music needs.

Music Supervision
The HotºHouse team are equally at home working with large American crews on Hollywood scores as taking care of smaller British productions and recording in Eastern Europe. They are able to place teams of any nationality to work in any country.

Hot°House can provide requirements common to most score recordings (studio, engineer, equipment hire, musicians, arrangers, music editors, conductors, programmers, copyists, writing rooms) and much more besides. We can also supply experienced PAs and runners and take care of all the day to day requirements of the crew including accommodation, transport and entertainment.

HotºHouse’s vast list of contacts allow ease of song clearance worldwide and its creative team can provide you with endless ideas for your film soundtrack. HotºHouse can also work to secure a soundtrack deal for your film.

There are numerous other services HotºHouse provide which fall into the music supervision category. Not least is the organisation of any pre-records your film may need. As well as putting together the recording team and musicians we can provide musical coaching for members of your cast, find appropriate musicians and established artists for on camera work, supervise any music teams required on set and monitor on camera synch issues. HotºHouse can also assist with the sourcing of specialist musical instruments for on camera use.

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Composer Representation
Hot°House are proud to represent our elite roster of composers.

We can provide you with the composer you need for any film or television production and have also placed our writers on a variety of high profile commercials. All of our composers are widely experienced in composing to picture.